Caesars Atlantic City - Gambling in the Roman Style

New Times - New Competitors

No one can possibly doubt the fact, that the new millennium dictates brand-new laws in the gambling market, likewise as in every sphere of people's lives. In particular, the casino industry has also faced the necessity to pass through versatile modifications in order to satisfy players' demands.

Notably, Atlantic City casinos have always been ready to keep pace with the time, and it has, obviously, become one of the reasons, why numerous luxurious resorts have recently appeared within the territory of the city.

At the same time, some of the well-known grandees manage to survive intense competition with the younger rivals. Among these, it's Caesars Atlantic City, initially constructed back in 1979, which currently remains in the top-list of every city's tourist, even if one doesn't consider him/herself a passionate gambler.

Impressive Benefits

As for the diversity of advantages, provided to lately renovated Caesars Atlantic City, they might be distinguished as the following ones:

  • Casino

    As well as its Las Vegas casinos "brother", Caeasars Atlantic City possesses impressive gambling area, which occupies almost 150,000 sq. feet and comprises all possible game variations, from traditional favourites, like blackjack, or roulette, to newly-developed video slots, containing various flash applications. Besides, the total number of slots in the casino, actually, almost reaches 150 machines.

    The members of the Player Club are known to receive free-play benefits, additional payoffs and versatile discounts, regarding dining and entertainment services, provided within the resort's territory.

  • Hotel

    The hotel area in Caesars Atlantic City is placed within the 4 towers of the resort and includes more, than 1,000 standard rooms and suites, all creatively-designed in the Roman Empire style.

    Moreover, the 24/7 room service will accept clients' orders, concerning drinks and food, whenever these are needed.

  • Amusement

    The dining options, available to the resort's visitors, comprise various restaurants, offering masterpieces of Italian and Fusion cuisine, from delicious seafood to pizza variations, whereas the bars and the nightclubs seem perfect for people, who are fond of partying all night.

    Shopping opportunities in Caesars Atlantic City, likewise as in Caesars Palace casino, are incredible, as the resort features a great number of boutiques, where the latest world-famous brand collections are displayed. Furthermore, as it has already been mentioned, the owners of the Player Club cards get bonus discounts.

All things considered, Caesars Atlantic City seems an excellent opportunity for every city's visitor to immerse him/herself into the exquisite luxurious atmosphere of the ancient Roman Empire, combined with the best-quality services.