Caesars Palace Casino - Julius Would Envy

Las Vegas, obviously, deserves the name of the most prominent live casino centre of the world, possessing the 2nd largest number of resorts on its territory, even though global gambling industry is no longer that much concentrated, and has already spread on to other countries, like China, for instance.

Las Vegas Star

Together with the newly-built casinos, designed in such an extraordinary way, that can strike every visitor, the well-known city giants, like Circus Circus casino, MGM Grand, and Caesars Palace casino as well, haven't yet lost their admirers.

Having been initially constructed back in 1966, Caesars Palace casino has till now preserved the atmosphere of the Roman Empire in the look it'd represent at the beginning of the current millennium, where the personnel is so hospitable and caring, as if all the resort's clients were real Caesars.

Belonging to Caesars Entertainment Corp., which also comprises resorts among Atlantic City casinos, the Las Vegas hotel & casino star of Caesars Palace casino is still the most glittering one.

Pleasant Benefits

Notably, among the most important advantages, provided to visitors, there're might be defined the following:

  • The Casino

    The gambling area in Caesars Palace casino is really huge, presenting the players with all possible game variations, from traditional baccarat, roulette and blackjack modifications to highly-developed 7-reel and video slots of the new generation.

    The owners of the Player Club Card, who usually belong to the resort's permanent clients, are known to receive not only discounts for all services, provided within the whole territory, but special gambling benefits, as well, which, in particular, contain free play options, and higher payoffs.

  • The Hotel

    Constituting almost 4,000 standard rooms and suites, each having exclusive interior design, Caesars Palace casino hotel area stays all booked almost every year, much because of the fact, that the resort's stuff is so polite and hospitable, that each person feels like a queen, or a king, while staying in the hotel.

    The round-the-clock service is unbelievably convenient, as all needed food, drinks and clothes can be ordered into the room even at 3 a.m.

  • Entertainment

    In addition to numerous restaurants, which tend to offer their customers the most exquisite appetizers, main courses and desserts, there have also been created a night club and several lounge bars in Caesars Palace casino, where the visitors can immerse themselves in the exciting party atmosphere.

    Moreover, a great deal of live concerts, featuring world's mega-stars are usually held in the special performance area.

  • Interesting Facts

    The high outside fountains of Caesars Palace casino, which can only be compared with those, of the Palazzo casino, have always attracted extreme-lovers, and within the resort's history some of the motorcycle-riders have tried to jump over them. Unfortunately, the attempts have failed, and the drivers ended up in hospital with serious body injuries.

Don't Miss a Chance

Caesars Palace casino & hotel resort may be considered a perfect option, especially for people, who have come to Las Vegas for the first time, as the atmosphere within its walls is truly unique.