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From the First Forerunners

Although the history of gambling is dating back to the ancient times, initial casinos are recognized to have appeared only in the 17th century, when the popularity of blackjack and roulette had grown to such an extent, that the games could easily be named one of the favourite pastimes for people, including nobles and aristocrats in the first place.

Having been originally established in Italian Venice, live casinos soon got spread in other European countries, like France and England, where gambling was likewise appreciated. Nevertheless, it wasn't until the first betting houses appeared in the USA in the 19th century, when the casino industry reached the era of its flourish.

To the Modern Casinos

As for nowadays, the US's role in the development of the gambling industry hasn't curtailed at all, no wonder that most famous live casino center is also situated in this country, whereas the number of passionate players in Europe is also continuously increasing.

Generally speaking, the world's most popular casino center names comprise the following ones:

  • Las Vegas

    It's true that the city of Las Vegas has earned the name of "King of Entertainment" since the very first years of its history, and later on, in 1970s, its casinos and luxurious hotels turned into a kind of Mecca for both average players and celebrities, such as Frank Sinatra and Elvis Presley, for instance, who had a passion for gambling.

    Modern Las Vegas casinos are globally famous for the huge diversity of entertainment options, provided to the city's visitors, which contain restaurants, live performances, amusement parks, and, of course, versatile casinos, offering all possible game variations to their clients.

  • Atlantic City

    Being frequently called a Las Vegas younger brother, Atlantic City, is, nevertheless, unique in its atmosphere, presenting its newcomers with a wide range of newly-developed casino centers , like Trump Taj Mahal, for example, where everyone can receive not only incredible gambling experience from slots, baccarat and other game modifications, but also enjoy various sport competitions, shows and night club parties.

  • Monaco

    Unlike Las Vegas or Atlantic City casinos, where it doesn't really matter, what annual income a person has, if he/she wishes to gamble, the Kingdom of Monaco is known to be superb resort for the crisps of world's society only.

    The average price of the hotel room in Monte Carlo, the country's prominent casino center, will cost one somewhat like $5,000 and more, but the high cost of services doesn't scare the city's tourists, who are usually politicians and movie-stars, of just businessmen, rolling in money.

All things considered, the array of choice, which casino center to visit, is nowadays truly immeasurable, so every single gambler can easily find the most suitable variant, which will meet all the possible demands of his/hers.