Circus Circus Casino - The Strong Grandee

Fighting for Clients

Despite the fact, that the casino industry in Las Vegas started developing back in the 20th century, it seems sometimes that this process is totally endless, and numerous creatively-designed gambling houses are continuously appearing not only within Las Vegas Strip, but in other parts of the city as well, frequently replacing the old-known casino veterans.

Undoubtedly, the newly-built live gambling houses in the world's most visited casino center turn out to contain much more, than mere betting establishments, but may be rather called luxurious resorts, within which one can easily find all sorts of entertainment, no matter what his/her tastes are. Here, taking into consideration the amount of benefits, offered by the young rivals on the market, the well-known giants are forced to modify the quality of their services as well, in order to survive in times of strong competition.

Circus Circus Casino Advantages

Unlike many those, who couldn't manage to resist the pressure in the casino industry, the accomplishments of the well-known Circus Circus casino' owners (MGM Resorts International, which also has the prominent MGM Grand casino and other casinos in its possession) are truly amazing. Having started its history in 1968 as a gambling establishment, the place has nowadays converted into the first-class casino & hotel resort, occupying 11,100 sq. m, which provides its clients with incredible choice of amusement options:

  • The Casino

    Featuring all possible table games, as blackjack, poker and roulette variations, in addition to the immense array of various slots, like famous 7-reel and video slots, for instance, Circus Circus casino is known to have earned the top positions in the list of the gamblers' favourites.

    Notably, among the most popular slot versions, the so-called "Slots-A-Fun" are frequently chosen by players, as these presuppose the lowest imaginable betting limits.

    Besides, the members of the Circus Circus casino Players Club have a wonderful opportunity to enjoy additional bonuses, such as the free slot plays, and the range of discounts, regarding all the services, available at the resort.

  • Performances

    Although the restaurants and luxurious boutiques, placed within Circus Circus casino, can stun every visitor, it's rather about live performances, which attract thousands of people to the resort. These include concerts, dance and acrobatic shows, in which trapeze-artists often take part, not to mention live PJ performances during incredible parties, held in the hotel's night club.

  • Adventuredome

    Despite the fact that Las Vegas casinos are still considered a paradise for mature people, who dream of rest from their mundane routine, it's Circus Circus casino, which successfully combines adult entertainment, like gambling, for instance, with the family vacation options.

    In particular, Adventuredome Theme Park, situated on the territory of the resort can bring unforgettable impressions to children of different age and their parents as well, the latest exciting attractions being designed with the help of 3-D and 4-D technologies.

Reputation Secured

All things considered, Circus Circus casino & hotel resort with its famous clown sign at the entrance has become an embodiment of the best-quality services and unbelievable gambling opportunities. Therefore, it can easily compete with the betting establishments of the new generation, and the team of the resort's devoted admirers has even enlarged in the recent years.