14 free spins and a welcome bonus for Christmas!

Different casino games require different approaches. Playing roulette you need to remember the complicated systems of bets and the odds each of the wagers brings you; playing blackjack you should be careful with your decisions and trace the cards which are dealt; playing slots you need to choose machines with good payout percentage and high winning chances. The more you play at casino, the more you understand that each game is unique and you cannot implement the same strategies and methods in different games. You will never play poker with the strategy used in craps, and even methods in seemingly common games like roulette and Big Wheel are different.

Moreover you should also differentiate gambling at traditional casino and gambling at online casino, as well as playing against the software and live dealer games. For example, if we talk about blackjack the differences are the following: in traditional casino you can make use of card counting strategies, as well as of some cheating methods as past posting and top hatting, while in online casino it is impossible, as you do not have physical chips to add them to you bets, and the deck is reshuffled after each deal, so each of the game round cannot influence the precious or the next one. In live dealer blackjack you can trace Aces or even implement some of the card counting strategies, as the game running is absolutely the same like in real game, but you still cannot touch you chips, or even table, as they all are at the scene of  your computer.

Online Casino Attractive Sides

Though in online casinos players are a little bit short of possibilities to use to win the game, they usually get more money and bonuses to be able to enjoy the game. For example, in you are a member of an casino online you can always enjoy some promotions helping you to increase your gambling funds. This December the casino offers the following bonuses to their clients and new players:

  • New welcome package with $2,000 free bonus and 14 free spins (1st-31st of December, 2013)
  • 3 reload bonuses (22nd-25th of December, 2013)
  • Leaderboard challenge (1st-31st of December, 2013)
  • 20 free spins for 2000 wagers

For many online gamblers promos are the only way to play paying as lower sum of money as possible, for other this is the way to make fund on their account even bigger and continue their gambling as high-rollers. Of course, those who are members of good online casino always get additional options to play more, but Christmas promo offered this year can never be compared with other offers.

It is easy and enjoyable to play online and once you start do that you will see how many perks you have lost when you played at traditional gambling house. Now stop wasting your time and get register at the top gambling house, and make use of the most lucrative promos! Good luck!