MGM Grand Casino - Giant Offers

Undoubtedly, the name of MGM Grand casino is familiar to every single person in the world, especially if one has had at least one journey to Las Vegas. Having initially built as the largest hotel & casino resort in 1993, it now occupies the 2nd place, after The Venetian, but definitely exceeds the latter in its popularity.

Being one of the most famous members of MGM Resorts International (which has ownership of the Bellagio, the Mirage casino, New York-New York and Circus Circus casino as well) MGM Grand casino, obviously, deserves such a name, as the amount of excellent-quality services and incredible gambling opportunities can easily impress even the most fastidious visitors of all ages and preferences.

Having a huge territory of 170,000 sq. feet at its disposal, MGM Grand casino definitely belongs to Las Vegas casinos leaders, concerning the range of amusement options, available for clients. These are well-known to include:

  • Casino

    The MGM Grand casino gambling area is almost the largest one within the whole Las Vegas Strip and is inconceivably popular for its thrilling slot variations, including multireel and video slots, which can present each player, no matter if he/she's a beginner, or a real profy, with unforgettable gaming experience.

    Moreover, all table games are also presented, offering numerous blackjack modifications, roulette and baccarat to play.

    The Players Club Card, at the same time, adds much to the benefits, received by permanent MGM Grand casino gamblers, which don't only comprise free play options, but the discounts for hotel, SPA and shopping services within the resort, as well.

  • Hotel

    Being 30-floor high, MGM Grand hotel area will make the resort's clients experience the whole range of wonderful impressions, especially if one of the luxurious penthouse suites is occupied. The client service is working 24/7, so if one is willing to celebrate something even at 5 a.m., he/she'll be provided with all the dishes and drinks immediately.

  • SPA

    Although, Las Vegas is famous for its being , probably, the world's greatest casino center, the city's visitors demands nowadays presuppose the resort clients' ability to visit the beauty salon during the vacation. In this respect, MGM Grand casino is one of the pioneers in the introduction of SPA salons within its territory, which can take everyone to the paradise of total harmony and relaxation.

  • Nightlife

    Along with elder people, preferring to sleep after the long gambling day, the younger Las Vegas visitors are craving for fun and adventures. As for MGM Grand casino, in addition to its 20 restaurants, most of which work 24/7, there have been created several nightclubs, where everybody immerses him/herself in the incredible party atmosphere, and all the earth pleasures are available.

    As for couples, who are crazy in love with each other, and can't wait to get married, MGM Grand casino offers the services of a round-the-clock working chapel, along with other ones, which are closed at night.

In a nutshell, if Las Vegas should be called the city of no limits and restrictions, it's much due to such giants as MGM Grand casino with its inconceivable entertainment options, which create such an image.