MGM Grand Macao - Wondrous Youngster

For those, who have had enough of same old Las Vegas and Atlantic City gambling, and have already played in Monte Carlo casinos, China is likely to become a real paradise.

As the gambling industry in the city of Macao has now reached the highest levels of its development, it's no longer argued that the modern gaming world has been introduced the most fascinating casino center.

Having presented a wide range of luxurious resorts, within which all the desirable services are provided to visitors, Macao nowadays offers an amazing gambling vacation for everyone, who's affluent enough to afford it.

Within Macao casino resorts family, one of the youngest members seems to be the most incredible one, regarding its gaming and entertainment options. Having been constructed in 2007, MGM Grand Macao may be easily called one of the new world's wonders, which attracts thousands of tourists every year, even though some of them aren't rather passionate about gambling.

As for the most recognizable benefits, which MGM Grand Macao clients are enabled with, there might be named the following ones:

  • Casino

    Occupying more, than 20,000 sq. metres, MGM Grand Macao gambling area offers the players all possible variations of table games, including classic blackjack, baccarat, poker and roulette, whereas the number of slots, placed within it, exceeds 500 machines.

    Unlike Monaco casino resorts, where special dress-code is an integral part of the vast majority of gambling establishments, MGM Grand Macao visitors aren't required to wear evening gowns within gaming area, although bathing suits, for instance, aren't acceptable.

    The members of Golden Lion Club are known to receive additional bonuses, which include opportunities to play in segregated VIP rooms and, of course, various discounts in the resort's restaurants, SPA salons and boutiques.

  • Hotel

    Comprising 600 standard rooms and uniquely-designed suites, many of which possess spectacular ocean views, MGM Grand Macao hotel is truly stunning, especially taking into consideration the fact that 24/7 room service is ready to fulfill all clients' desires, regarding food, drinks and clothes.

  • Dining

    As for the dining options, offered to MGM Grand Macao visitors, these are represented by first-class restaurants, where qualified and experienced chefs are always ready to impress their customers with newly-created masterpieces of Italian ("Rossio"), French ("Aux Beaux Arts"), Chinese ("Imperial Court") and even Russian ("Russian Room")cookery art.

  • Entertainment

    The diversity of entertainment possibilities within the resort comprise an incredible Grande Praça with "Lights & Sounds" installation, where images of varying themes are daily projected on beautiful European-inspired façades, not to mention stunning Pool Bar and Veuve Clicquot Lounge, where one can immerse into relaxing and comforting atmosphere.

All things considered, MGM Grand Macao is really a wonderful option, if one's looking for an unforgettable vacation and incomparable gambling experience.