Monte Carlo Bay - Innovations Included

With all the state's incredible beaches, hotels and restaurants, it might sometimes seem that Monte Carlo has already revealed all the amazing secrets to its visitors, and has nothing left to strike them with. Fortunately, it's not true, as Monaco somehow manages to continue impressing the tourists with the city's new attractions.

Among these, the newly-constructed next-generation Monaco casino resorts, which can't but strike its clients with a huge range of choice, concerning the game variations as well as numerous entertainment options, should definitely be mentioned.

In this respect, Monte Carlo Bay, opened in 2005, appears to be one of the most innovative hotel & casino resorts within the territory of Monaco, offering the customers brand-new concepts of the perfect vacation and exciting gambling.

The most essential advantages, available for people, staying at Monte Carlo Bay, may be distinguished as the following ones:

  • Casino

    Although within the Monte Carlo Bay gambling area, one can't enjoy playing any other game variations, except for slots, the gaming experience will be unforgettable, much due to the exclusive "Ticket In/Ticket Out" technology, which all the 150 machines are equipped with.

    What is more, unlike in Le Casino Café de Paris, for instance, where the gamblers aren't required to follow any official dress-code, Monte Carlo Bay clients are asked to wear more or less classy clothes.

  • Hotel

    Although the resort's hotel area isn't very large and includes only 334 standard rooms and suites, all of them are unique in their interior design and possess spectacular views either on the resort's gardens or the magnificent seashore.

    Moreover, the 24/7 room service happens to be very convenient for people, who may need to order food or drinks in the middle of the night.

  • Entertainment

    In addition to first-class restaurants, several of them having been opened in the middle of the resort's gardens ("La Trattoria" and "Le Fuji"), where only the best dishes are served, there's also an astonishing "Blue Gin" lounge-bar in Monte Carlo Bay, which is globally famous for its unbelievably beautiful sea-view terrace.

    The so-called swimming-pool lagoon is known to feature the pools for both adults and children, who, by the way, can also enjoy versatile water attractions in this area.

Undoubtedly, Monte Carlo Bay is seemingly a paradise on the Earth, where all pleasures are likely to be at one's disposal. The only disappointing thing is that if a person isn't reach enough, he/she won't be able to afford such a wonderful vacation.