Monte Carlo Sporting - Summer Moves On

The state-of-the-art members of the Monte Carlo resorts family are, perhaps, no longer something new for the city-state visitors, as all of them turn out to provide their clients with unforgettable vacation experience.

Best-Quality Entertainment

At the same time, there might, probably, be distinguished just one among other Monaco casino resorts, which appears to be absolutely perfect in terms of entertainment options, provided to the customers in addition to incredible opportunities, regarding the gambling practice, which are also available within the resort.

Having once discovered Monte Carlo Sporting, most visitors become its permanent clients, retuning back every year, much because of the thrilling annual Summer Festival, held here, during which world's mega-singers, like Enrique Iglesias and Steve Wonder, for instance, usually perform their live concerts on the stage of the prominent Salle des Etoiles.

Why to Opt for the Resort

Generally speaking, the most essential benefits, offered to people, staying in Monte Carlo Sporting, are known to comprise the following ones:

  • Casino

    With its marvelous terrace, overlooking the sea, Monte Carlo Sporting gambling area provides its visitors with a wonderful opportunity to absorb into luxurious atmosphere and enjoy playing all well-known game variations, like blackjack, roulette, and baccarat.

    In this respect, likewise as in Monte Carlo Bay, for instance, most loyal casino clients receive special Player Club cards, which serve as a special pass to the VIP private rooms, segregated from other parts of the gaming area.

    Unfortunately, the Monte Carlo Sporting casino is opened only in summer, and all the gamblers are asked to follow the dress-code, which presupposes classy outfits both for men and women.

  • Hotel

    Most standard rooms and suites within the resort present spectacular views over the seashore and are recognized to be an excellent option for people, who are fond of watching amazing sunrises and sunsets.

    Moreover, the 24/7 room service is always ready to accept the customers' orders, concerning food and drinks.

  • Dining

    The creative chefs of Italian "La Trattoria" continuously impress their clients with masterpieces of cookery art, most of which contain seafood courses, whereas those, having chosen Japanese "Fuji", get a chance to enjoy delicious sushi and sashimi, presented to them in an absolutely unique way.

  • Entertainment

    For those, who find that striking live concerts in the legendary Salle des Etoiles aren't enough, there's an opportunity to immerse into the hot partying atmosphere of Jimmy'z club, where the entire world's famous djs frequently play their sets.

All things considered, unlike Le Casino Café de Paris, where relaxation is felt in everything, Monte Carlo Sporting turns out to be a much better variant for people, who are fond of exciting summer entertainment.