The Palazzo Casino - Money-Bags Invited

Meet Art Masterpiece

Being recognized as the one of the gambling establishments of the new generation, the Palazzo casino resort is now unbelievably popular among Las Vegas visitors.

From the very start of the building construction in 2005, the Palazzo casino has been attracting attention of millions, as it had been planned to become the most fascinating one within the whole Las Vegas Strip, designed as the real masterpiece of art.

In particular, the exclusive peculiarities include not only unique architectural solutions, concerning the lobby space with 18-metres-high fountain, the gambling area and the hotel rooms' interiors, but also the considerable area of the floor, which even exceeds the one of Pentagon, and covers 645,581 sq. metres, not to mention incredible parking space, which turns out to be 4-floor deep.

Since its opening in 2008, the Palazzo casino has been as attractive for tourists from all over the world as the most famous royal palaces and has become a benchmark of extravaganza, the building itself being LEED Gold certified.

Benefits Offered

Moreover, the clients of the Palazzo casino & hotel resort can now enjoy all the advantages, concerning the available services, which are known to contain the following:

  • The Casino

    The gambling area comprises all well-known game variations, from blackjack modifications to baccarat and poker, including the Let it Ride stud version of the latter. Notably, the progressive slots jackpots often exceed $20,000,000.

    Furthermore, the casino's so-called Grazie Loyalty Program, which is, by the way, also working in the Venetian casino, presupposes the person's receipt of special points, while playing slots and video poker, for instance, which, will provide additional benefits, regarding dining and accommodation options, whereas the Grazie Loyalty Card will itself serve as a pass to all luxurious Las Vegas parties and performances for its owner.

    The advantages also concern the pocketcasino gaming option, which enables the Palazzo casino clients continue betting, while having dinner at one of the restaurants, or taking a bath, simply by using their mobile phones.

  • The Hotel

    In addition to the above-mentioned exclusive design of the rooms and the amazing size of even the standard suites, the 24/7 working service will provide every visitor with the desired food, drinks and even new clothes from one of the boutiques, placed within the resort, if necessary.

  • Restaurants

    Undoubtedly, all the respectable casino resorts in Las Vegas nowadays put considerable efforts into satisfying their visitors' food tastes, though the Palazzo casino is the only one, having got AAA Five Diamond Award for its restaurants, the most popular among which is known to be Lavo, featuring fusion menu, that combines Italian and American cuisine.

  • Extra Shopping Services

    Whereas clothing boutiques are rather a spread notion as for Las Vegas resorts, like MGM Grand casino, for instance, it's the Palazzo casino, which hosts the luxury Lamborghini store, displaying the latest concepts of cars, available for clients, who are rolling in money.

In a whole, the Palazzo casino & hotel resort might be truly called an excellent vacation option for people, who have fastidious preferences and are affluent enough to afford the first-class services.