Privacy Statement

Unless compelled by a court order, no customers' or web site visitors' personal information (e.g. name, zip code, email address) will be given to any third party, except to send a customer's order information to the publisher of the ordered product in the unlikely event we don't have the product in stock. (Our policy is to stock every item we sell, so that we can fill every order the same day we receive it.) IP addresses may be used and/or made public in the case of a an individual who is being malicious on the website. Malicious activity includes spamming, trolling, making threats, obscene or pornographic posting, posting using another person's established handle with malicious intent, posting someone else's material and presenting it as one's own, and other activity deemed inappropriate by management. makes a 'best effort' attempt to keep the personal information it retains secure from theft, tampering, etc.

How may use collected information

Log entry information is used in aggregate to perform statistical analyses of the activity and user demographics (e.g. % using a certain browser version) on the site.

Order form information will be used to fulfill customer orders, to keep a record of past customers and their orders and to contact members regarding their memberships, subscriptions or orders, as necessary. Mailing list registration information, alone or accompanying an order, will be used occasionally to send news and ads to those on the list. It will also be used to remove from that list any visitor who unsubscribes from the mailing list.