Trump Casinos - Inevitably Successful Projects

The Phenomenon of Donald Trump

One can hardly find at least a couple of more or less educated Americans, who have never heard of Donald J. Trump, although not everybody acknowledges the scale of the tycoon's business achievements.

Having begun career under the mentorship of his father, Donald Trump soon learned all ins and outs of the construction industry and founded his own company, which is now globally recognized as one of the most profitable enterprises, the businessman himself being a true icon for those, who are just at the bottom of their way to success.

Being most concentrated on the real estate and hotel construction and management within his company, Donald Trump wouldn't' be himself, if he missed an opportunity to earn a fortune in the gambling industry. Therefore, as soon as the playing market in Las Vegas and Atlantic City had proved profitable enough, the tycoon started building the first hotel & casino games resorts on their territory.

The Game's Worth a Candle

Likewise in every field of business, Trump casinos were planned to become the greatest tourist attractions, and the investments, in such a way, were supposed to get repaid within the shortest period of time. Well, as Donald Trump is always very careful and peculiar about the perspectives of his projects, end results, concerning the newly-created casinos, have exceeded all expectations to a great extent.

Notably, the most striking Trump casinos, united under the ownership of Trump Entertainment Resorts, in Atlantic City are recognized to include the following:

  • Trump Plaza

    If compared to other Trump casinos, Trump Plaza is the oldest and the most well-known one, being initially built in 1984. After the resort's renovation had been finished in 2006, it faced the second birth.

  • Trump Marina

    Originally named as Trump's Castle Hotel Casino, modern Trump Marina hotel & casino resort occupies a huge area of 14.6 acres and offers its clients a wide range of benefits and advantages.

  • Trump Taj Mahal

    The youngest one among other Trump casinos, Trump Taj Mahal, or, as it's frequently called The Taj, is spectacular in its views and the number of services, provided to all visitors, even if they're not interested in gambling.

In a whole, although other companies have also invested money into the construction of best-quality gambling resorts in Atlantic City; it's about Trump casinos, which have become the embodiment of the unique city's spirit and charm.