Trump Plaza - Quality Matters

Despite the fact, that Donald Trump himself is now holding only 27% of shares in Trump Entertainment Resorts, all gambling establishments, containing the tycoon's name, are still associated with him, regarding the level of services and benefits, provided to their visitors.

Notably, among the prominent Atlantic City Trump casinos, it's Trump Plaza, which remains at the top of the visitors' list of favourites.

Landmark of Perfection

Having been initially built in 1984, at the very beginning of the gambling-success era, Trump Plaza was an ambitious project, which was supposed to become a Mecca for players, coming to Atlantic City. Further on, after the renovation process had ended in 2006, the casino & hotel complex has converted into the modern luxurious resort, which annually brings considerable profits to its owners.

The advantages, which all Trump Plaza visitors are provided with, are absolutely obvious, and are recognized to comprise the following:

  • Casino

    The gambling area in Trump Plaza occupies more, than 8,000 sq. metres and enables the gamblers to enjoy playing all known game variations, from classic baccarat and blackjack to up-to-date Pai Gow Poker and video slots, which contain numerous flash applications in them.

    Moreover, permanent clients receive OneTrump Cards, which guarantee extra benefits for their owners, like discounts for the resort's accommodation and dining services, free play options and higher payoffs.

  • Hotel

    Featuring almost 1,000 standard rooms and suites, the most incredible among the latter being the ocean view penthouse luxury suites, the hotel area in Trump Plaza is really enchanting, especially taking into consideration the 24-hour room service, which provides all the desirable food and drinks to the customers, whenever these are ordered.

    By the way, the level of personnel hospitality in the resort, as well as in Trump Taj Mahal, for instance, is INCONCEIVABLE.

  • Amusement Options

    Not to mention exquisite restaurants, where experienced chefs create real masterpieces of cookery art, the resort's clients are invited to visit a nightclub and numerous bars, working 24/7, all of which comprise cozy lounge-zones, where one can relax after a hard gambling day.

    Besides, the concert hall hosts live performances of the most popular world's singers and dancers, which can't simply be missed.

In a nutshell, Trump Plaza has definitely become a benchmark of excellence, concerning the number and the quality of benefits, received by tourists, even if those aren't passionate players. Therefore, the only useful advice for people, visiting Atlantic City, is to at least consider this resort an option to choose.