Trump Taj Mahal - The Gamblers' Meeting Place

Having been renovated and further modified in 2008, when the Chairman Tower was additionally built within its territory, Trump Taj Mahal is now deservedly named one of the most popular casino resorts in Atlantic City.

With its history dating back to the end of the previous century (1990 being the year of the casino construction), Trump Taj Mahal (also famous as Trump Taj, or simply, The Taj) appears to be the most developed and modern one in comparison with other Atlantic City casinos, in general, and other resorts under the ownership of Trump Entertainment Resorts, in particular.

Occupying a truly huge territory, Trump Taj Mahal manages to provide all possible advantageous services to its visitors, who aren't likely to leave the resort unsatisfied.

Why to Choose

Notably, the most essential peculiarities of this hotel & casino resort are recognized to include the following:

  • Casino

    With a total area of more, than 15,000 sq. metres, the Trump Taj Mahal gambling zone is large enough to contain not only traditional table games, as blackjack, or baccarat in all their modifications, but the brand-new slots variations, as well, the number of which, by the way, happens to exceed 3,000 machines.

    Moreover, there's a segregated non-smoking poker room within the gambling area, which is known to host annual poker championship.

    Besides, likewise as in Trump Marina and Trump Plaza, the loyal clients generally receive special TrumpOne Player Cards, which provide them with additional gambling benefits and all-service discounts.

  • Hotel

    Being composed of 2,248 standard rooms and suites, the Trump Taj Mahal hotel area possesses exclusive interior design and offers 24/7-working room service, which can't but temp the clients to ask for champagne at 2 or 3 a.m. just to check, whether the order will be brought soon.

    Well, in this respect, none of the resort's visitors has ever been disappointed.

  • Dining & Entertainment

    As for the variety of bars, cafes and restaurants, presented within Trump Taj Mahal, the latter are commonly famous for their meat cources, served in Safari Steakhouse, for instance, as well as Asian cookery masterpieces, created by Dynasty's creative chefs.

    The nightclubs, including their relaxing lounge zones tend to work round-the-clock, so that the clients, who prefer all-night-long parties, can enjoy themselves, whenever they'd like to dance.

    Furthermore, the resort's concert hall generally invites the visitors to watch one of the exciting live performances, featuring either the hotel residents or even the world's mega-stars.

In a nutshell, it's true that Trump Taj Mahal is incredible, concerning its gambling, dining and accommodation. Therefore, it should be definitely visited at least for once, even if one doesn't like casinos at all.