The Venetian Casino - Italian Breeze in the Desert

Nevada Venice

Despite the fact that Las Vegas is globally known to be situated within the US territory in the state of Nevada, some of its hotel & casino resorts can easily carry the person away to any other country of the world.

It's particularly the luxurious Venetian casino resort, which possesses special Italian atmosphere, and can totally absorb any visitor in it.

Having started its history in 1999, the 120,000-sq.feet Venetian casino, belonging to Las Vegas Sands Corporation, as well as its younger colleague the Palazzo casino, has much to offer nowadays, from the incredible gaming opportunities to exclusive dining and entertainment options.

Options Vary

The unique peculiarities of the Venetian casino are recognized to include the following:

  • The Casino
    1. The casino area comprises 309 table and poker games, not to count numerous progressive and, multireel and video slots, available for players.
    2. Together with the Palazzo, the Venetian is famous for the Grazie Loyalty Cards, usually received by permanent clients, who enjoy playing slots or video poker within the gambling area, which tend to provide their owners with extra benefits and discounts.
    3. Pocketcasino options, offered to the Venetian casino clients, enable them to try opportunities of playing all table games and slot variations by means of mobile phones without even leaving a hotel room, for instance.
  • The Hotel

    Containing more, than 4,000 carefully-designed suites, the Venetian hotel area possesses 24-hur room service, aimed at pleasing the visitors' immediate desires, regarding food, drinks and new clothes.

  • Bonus Attractions

    Together with 19 creative restaurants and bars, which serve unique menu to their customers, the Venetian casino & hotel resort features an 85,000-sq.feet ballroom, its own theatre and even Madam Tussaud's Wax Museum.

    Moreover, the so-called Grand Canal, placed on the resort's territory, which, by the way, resembles one of the numerous canals in Venice, gives every shopper a chance to enjoy visiting a great number of world-famous boutiques, where the latest collections of the most prominent brands are displayed.

In a nutshell, the Venetian casino resort might be, perhaps, considered the best option for gamblers, who are searching for something different in the well-known Las Vegas casinos and are likely to value the best-quality services in addition to pleasant extra bonuses.