Le Casino Café de Paris - First-Class Extravaganza

Principality of Monaco is nowadays commonly associated with luxury and the best quality of every kind of service, provided within its first-class resorts, although the word "common" is, probably, the less suitable, as far as anything in the city-state is concerned.

In this respect, whereas neither of Monaco casino resorts is affordable to average gamblers, the vast majority of world's tycoons, movie-stars and aristocrats can't but continuously return to the city, where the heaven atmosphere is felt in everything.

As for the most popular luxurious resorts, it's truly Le Casino Café de Paris, which has recently become one of the greatest tourist attractions, offering numerous advantageous services to all its visitors.

The most peculiar benefits of the avant-garde glittering Le Casino Café de Paris are recognized to include the following:

  • Casino

    Le Casino Café de Paris gambling area is striking in its size and the number of gaming options, as provides the resort's visitors with all possible blackjack, roulette and baccarat variations, in addition to a great number of slots modifications.

    Moreover, the casino comprises a convenient poker room, which is large enough to host world's game tournaments and championships every year.

    Likewise as in Monte Carlo Bay, or any other reputable casino resort in Monaco, the most loyal clients of Le Casino Café de Paris usually receive special Player Club cards, which enable them to receive extra bonuses, like free-play options, for instance.

  • Hotel

    The hotel area in Le Casino Café de Paris is known to be composed of standard rooms and suites, all of which are incredibly designed, which will be especially suitable for those, who admire hi-tech style with its neon lights and other futuristic interior peculiarities.

  • Dining & Entertainment

    The most prominent restaurant, opened in Le Casino Café de Paris is The Brasserie Café de Paris, which is prominent for its seafood and the French cuisine masterpieces, whereas the views, opened from the restaurant's terrace are truly spectacular.

    At the same time, The Bar Des Jeux seems to be a kind of the hottest pre-party option for people, who are fond of dancing all night long in various clubs.

In a nutshell, Le Casino Café de Paris provides every customer with a wonderful opportunity to feel the real Monte Carlo spirit, immersing him/her in the enchanting world of gambling and all possible earth pleasures.