StarWorld Casino - Classy and Glamorous

Undoubtedly, modern gamblers appear to be much pickier, than those, who enjoyed playing within live casinos in 1970's, for instance. Here, the specific preferences don't only include versatile game modifications, which should be provided within the certain betting establishment, but the dining and accommodation peculiarities, available in the casino resort's hotel area, as well.

In this respect, Chinese StarWorld Casino, a prominent member of Macao casino resorts family, turns out to be a wonderful option for fastidious players, who are affluent enough to require all best-quality services from the resort, they have chosen.

Belonging to Galaxy Entertainment Group Limited ("GEG"), StarWorld Casino is, truly, the champion, as far as its gambling and entertainment options are concerned, which is, probably, why it has already received numerous awards, like the Best Business Hotel in Macao Award in 2010 and The Best Casino Interior Award in 2009, for example.

Among versatile advantages and benefits, which the StarWorld Casino visitors are provided with, there might be distinguished the following ones:

  • Casino

    StarWorld Casino gambling area is known to occupy 140,000 sq. feet and comprises all well-known game variations, like blackjack and highly-modified slots, not to mention poker alternations, all of which may be played either in the common casino area, or in one of the VIP rooms.

    The Galaxy Player Club cards, in particular, work as a kind of the special pass to these VIP sections and provide their owners with discounts in the resort's restaurants, SPA salons and boutiques.

  • Hotel

    Featuring more, than 500 guest rooms, StarWorld Casino hotel area is especially famous for its incredible suites, possessing both innovative interior and majestic views.

    Furthermore, as in all reputable casinos in the city, like MGM Grand Macao, for example, the resort offers its visitors 24/7 room service, which turns out to be really convenient, if one wishes to eat or drink something at 3 a.m.

  • Dining

    It's true that the reputation of StarWorld Casino being the most luxurious resort in the city requires star chefs, who have been already employed in all its restaurants, including "Inaguku", "Jade Garden" and "Laurel". These people may be definitely called Masters of Cookery Art and present their customers with unique dishes of both Chinese and Fusion cuisine.

  • Entertainment

    In addition to a wide choice of bars on the territory of resort, StarWorld Casino is also prominent for its concert hall, where inconceivably exciting live shows generally take place.

In a nutshell, if one is affluent enough, he/she will surely be advised to visit StarWorld Casino, which guarantees incomparable impressions from the vacation to all its clients.